Preheat, welding, postweld heat treatment (PWHT)

Usually big and heavy transformers or gas burners are used to apply preheating before welding, now finally there is a portable solution that has much less power consumption due to the "Inverter" technic. De machine offers 11 KW secondary power and needs only 32 ampere primary fuse.

This small giant heats up your work piece in a minimum of time to each required temperature and has a build in digital circuit that evaluates the temperature continuously trough a thermo couple. With the highest accuracy the Ceweld® HT-1080 calculates each second what power is required to obtain the adjusted temperature in a certain time, trough "job" points the machine offers the possibility to apply step cooling  for creep resistant materials like P91-T91 or PWHT (post weld heat treatments).
The Ceweld® HT-1080 can also be used as master machine to drive 6 others, in this way you will have a huge capacity with the highest precision and flexibility.

On top of all the machine is also capable to offer complete quality assurance by exporting a complete time and temperature report to Excel by USB connection to your computer, in this way your WPQ (welding procedure) is completely covered.

- Ideal for those who work with high tensile steels.
- Welding shops that have to qualify welders.
- Cast iron repair jobs.
- Step cooling at creep resistant CrMo2, P91-T91 materials.
- Repairs on the job.